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BT9325E/P BT8.325E

Product Description
 Machine Introduction

The machine is designed for grinding/polishing bottom edge of flat glass, with arris grinding. 
Conveyor adopts chain transmitting system consisting of special stretchy rubber pad. 
Front rail is driven by motors and move in parallel to adapt to different glass thickness.
Working speed is adjustable through speed regulator.
Working speed and glass thickness appear on digital display.
Amperometer allow to check wheel absorption and therefore it’s correct functioning.
Spindles for arris adopt drag plates structure, which is no vibration in working.

 Technical parameters

Spindles: 9 heads.
working speed: 0.8-4.0m/min
Grinding depth: 3mm
Max. arris width: 2.5mm
Min. glass size: 80mmx80mmx8mm
Glass thickness: 3-25mm
Total power: 18.75kw
Total dimension: 6.9x1.0x2.5m
Total weight: 3100kg

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