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 Glass straight line round-edge grinder
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Product Description
 Machine Introduction

The machine produce round edge, OG edge, and other profile edge on flat glass.
Front rail is driven by motors and move in parallel to adapt to different glass thickness.
Working speed is adjustable through speed regulator.
Working speed and glass thickness appear on digital display.
Amperometers allow to check wheel absorption and therefore it’s correct functioning.
It is featured by compact structure, convenient operation, low price and low processing cost.

 Technical parameters

Spindles: 3 heads.
Working Speed: 0.8m-4m/min 
Grinding depth: 2mm
Min. glass size: 80mmx80mm
Glass thickness: 3mm-19mm 
Total Power: 8.8kw
Overall Dimension: 5.8mX1.0mX1.8m
Total Weight: 1700kg

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