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Product Description
 Machine Introduction

This machine adopt time relay controller and oil buff technology.  The centering of drill hole can be positioned by means of mechanical method or laser.  Pneumatic clamper grip glass with adjustable pressure.  The machine has two working status: manual & automatic.  In manual mode, the machine only work one cycle.  In automatic mode, the machine works continuously.  The machine is featured by its high working efficiency, low glass damage and easy operation.

 Technical parameters

Diameter of drilling hole: 4-100mm
Glass thickness: 3-30mm
Total Power: 2.2Kw
Drill speed 850r/min, 1400 r/min, 2300 r/min
Max. distance of drill hole center to frame 1000mm
Weight: 850kg
Overall dimension: 1.7mx1mx1.6m

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